Reconstructive Orthopedics

General Orthopedics

Whether you have a simple sprain or a common fracture, Dr. Mark Schottenfeld of Reconstructive Orthopedics of Central New Jersey can diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatment plan for you, providing comprehensive orthopedic care.

General orthopedic conditions and treatments he provides include:

Dr. Schottenfeld also treats sports injuries and performs hip replacements, minimally invasive joint replacement of the knee, and adult reconstructive surgery.

He always opts for conservative, non-surgical treatment options first, such as physical therapy or cortisone injections. But if surgery is the best treatment option for you, you can be assured you are in the hands of the most experienced and capable orthopedic surgeon in Edison.

Dr. Schottenfeld does not perform any spine surgery and does not see back pain patients.

For the highest quality orthopedic care in Central New Jersey, call Dr. Schottenfeld today at (908) 222-8858.